Be a Good Friend by Doing Something

Help a friend who may have
a substance abuse problem

If you have a friend or family member who has started using drugs or is hanging out with bad company, you can help by…

Talk to an adult
Teachers, parents and school counselors or social workers will have ideas that can help you talk to your friend about drug use. Ask for ideas to help them if you do not want to name anyone. They are specially trained to deal with teens and drug use. Visit the Wellness & Prevention Center on SCHS campus to speak to Susan Parmelee. Ms. Parmelee is on campus for exactly these type of issues.

Take a risk
Talking to your friend about their drug use is not an easy thing to do, as it can make them angry. Remind them of the dangers and potential problems of substance use. Speak to your friend only when they are sober. If they get angry, you may have to stay away from their company. But continue to care for your friend and share ideas with them.

Remind them that help is available
Sometimes people want confidential help, because they do not want anyone to know about their situation. This is OK. Direct them to the Wellness & Prevention Center. You may also contact the Wellness & Prevention Center yourself about your friend. The center is confidential and here to help.

Be careful yourself
You can also be tempted into drugs one day. Knowing the facts like what you are doing now is a great way to stay away. Look out for bad company and stay far away. Do not even entertain them. If your good friends have fallen to drugs, be careful they do not drag you into it.

Don’t ever get in a car with a person behind the wheel who is high or drunk.
Don’t put yourself into dangerous situations with a person who is high or drunk. Call a trusted friend, call an adult. You don’t have to handle the problem alone. Ask for help and you will get help.

Help a friend in a
medical crisis

If you are at a party where alcohol and drugs are being used and one of your friends begins to seizure, overdose or show other signs of distress, what would you do?

You should call 911. You will not be arrested because of the 911 Good Samaritan Law.

9-1-1 Good Samaritan law
The Good Samaritan Law will allow for a call for help (9-1-1) for those overdosing from drugs or having issues from alcohol consumption – without fear of arrest or prosecution.

A letter from the Joey Kennedy Family

My wife and I are very grateful that the Good Samaritan Law was passed and we know without a shadow of a doubt that it is saving lives. We just wish it was the law when our son Joey overdosed on February 4, 2010. Because the people my son was with were afraid of getting in trouble with the police, they dumped him alongside of Camino Capistrano Road in San Juan Capistrano. He was alive when they dumped him, and they even made a 911 call, but when the dispatcher asked if they were with him, they said “no.” The dispatcher thought it was a prank, and even though he had the coordinates where Joey was, he decided not to respond to the call.

My son was found deceased the next morning. If the Good Samaritan Law was in place when Joey OD’d, he very well could be alive today. My wife and I, along with other parents who lost their children to overdose, worked diligently to get the Good Samaritan Law passed to save lives, and to spare other parents the unimaginable pain of losing a child.  Please talk to your teen about this law.

James and Teri Kennedy