The Wellness & Prevention Coalition is led by the 12 sector representatives who comprise our leadership committee. Using consensus majority voting, decisions may be made at both leadership and general coalition meetings.  The leadership committee provides advice, strategic planning support and membership recruitment support to the Coalition Director, Susan Parmelee.  The Coalition Director is responsible for hiring the project coordinator for specific funding opportunities. To date, coalition efforts have been cooperative and group run, with task groups forming to lead specific projects within the community.  Bylaws are reviewed every 2 years and modified as needed by a coalition leadership consensus.

The Wellness & Prevention Coalition plans to establish two long-term work groups. The Capacity Building Work Group will be charged with recruiting members, pursuing funding and sponsorship opportunities and assisting with recognition events for coalition volunteers and community organizations.  The Public Relations Work Group will be responsible for creating, reviewing and implementing media projects listed in the 12-Month Action Plan, maintaining consistent WPC brand identity, and issuing press releases.  Specific task groups are formed as needed with direction and support from the Coalition Director. One example of a current task group is the Prescription Medication Education campaign. This task group is organizing local service groups and volunteers to deliver posters and prescription education tear pads to medical professionals in San Clemente and neighboring cities.

The Executive Director of the Wellness & Prevention Foundation (DBA the Wellness & Prevention Center) is responsible for the financial management of coalition funds. The Wellness & Prevention Foundation is a 501(3)c established to Help San Clemente youth lead healthy and productive lives. The Foundation funds and governs the Wellness & Prevention Center.  The Wellness & Prevention Center provides prevention and intervention services to youth and their families and is funded by grants, corporate sponsorships and donations.

The Wellness & Prevention Coalition has had singed Coalition Involvements Agreements with 12 sector representatives for 2 years under the mentor/mentee DFC support program.  Following are a list of the representatives with their qualifications:

Youth – Zulma “Yuki” Dias – Yuki is a 16-year-old honor student from San Clemente High School who has participated in the Wellness & Prevention Coalition and the youth SCShift leadership group for 2 years.  She has attended the CADCA Mid-Year Youth Leadership Initiative: Key Essentials and the National Youth Leadership Initiative: Advocating for Change trainings. Yuki is a peer and community leader who is working to change behaviors among youth and improve the health of her community.

Parent – Carolyn Ward – Carolyn has been our go to volunteer parent for over two years. She has 4 children with her youngest attending San Clemente High School. Carolyn is an expert at leveraging resources from the community. She has lived with her family in San Clemente for over 30 years and is a valued advocate in the fields of substance use and mental health for families that may need support in navigating the treatment and health system.

Business – Susan Jenrich, General Manager, The Outlets San Clemente – Susan has been participating in the coalition form day 1 of the opening of our outlet mall over 2 years ago, Susan provides meeting space, and contributes the perspective of the business operator and the expertise of managing complex systems to our coalition. Susan’s passion has been to find ways to partner with youth organizations to provide healthy activities at the mall.

Media – William Carson, Owner, Picket Fence Media – Picket Fence Media the publisher of three local weekly newspapers. The San Clemente Times publishes 20,000 copies each week. As a partner in the mission to help local families and youth make healthy choices the San Clemente Times offers the coalition 2 free ¼ page ads per month for public service campaigns. Additionally, the paper invites the Coalition Director to contribute a guest column 1 time per month.

School – Chris Carter, San Clemente High School Principal – Chris started educating our local youth at one of the three San Clemente middle schools in 1994.  He has been a High School Principal in the Capistrano Unified School District for the past 7 years, and at San Clemente High School for the past 3 years.  He has lived in San Clemente for over 20 years and his children attend our local schools. Chris brings a unique understanding of the challenges facing parents, youth and educators in San Clemente.  Capistrano Unified School District is one of the largest school districts and California and Chris provides a beneficial link to the District.

Youth Serving Organization – Teri Steel, Executive Director of Programs, Community Outreach Alliance – Community Outreach Alliance (COA) provides supervised activities that teach youth how to tap their passions and reduce stress. COA supports youth, adults and families in recovery and educates the community about healthy lifestyle choices. Teri brings endless energy to the community and the Wellness & Prevention Coalition, sharing her promotional and social media skills as well as encouraging a large group of volunteers who help at Coalition events.

Law Enforcement – Community Services Sergeant Mike Pixomatis, Orange County Sheriff’s Department – The Community Services Office of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is designed to support and enhance existing programs and act as a drug education clearinghouse. Mike has been educating parents and youth across Orange county for the past 4 years. Mike has been with the Sheriff’s Department for almost 28 years. One of his main jobs is to oversee the Drug Liaison Officer Program (DLO) in all the Sheriff’s 13 contract cities and unincorporated areas in Orange County. Mike is proud to be a part of the prevention effort, helping youth make healthy choices.

Religious Organization – Pastor Aron McKay, The Table Church San Clemente – Aron has brought his community building skills to San Clemente to help establish a church and joined the Wellness & Prevention Coalition to help keep San Clemente safe and healthy. Aron and his wife are raising their 4 children in San Clemente. Aron’s collaborative energy helps to bring other faith leaders into Collation planning efforts.

Civic Group – Mike Darnold San Clemente Rotary – Mike has been educating and supporting youth for over a decade.  His perseverance in bringing needed resources to stop substance use in South Orange County has benefitted many families. His expertise contributes in Wellness & Prevention Coalition strategic planning and he has secured funding for our efforts from Rotary Club Members. Mike is the Patriarch 3 generations of Darnolds in San Clemente all who give to and support a healthy San Clemente.

Healthcare Professional – Marci Mednick, Community Development Specialist, St Joseph Health, Mission Hospital –  Marci is our liaison to the largest healthcare provider in Orange County.  Mission Hospital also financially supports the Wellness & Prevention Coalition’s fiscal administrator, the Wellness & Prevention Foundation. Marci brings her public health and community collaboration to help plan and implement Coalition goals. Marci also contributes valuable evaluation and analytic skills to help gather data to measure outcomes.

Local Government Agency – Kathy Kendrick, MPH, Orange County Health Care Agency – Kathy heads the AOD Impaired Driving Prevention Initiative in Orange County and San Clemente is a target city for the initiative due to higher than average rates of impaired driving. The initiative is providing trainings to youth, adults and the hospitality industry in San Clemente to encourage safe beverage service in homes, bars and restaurants. Kathy has XXX years of experience in the public health field and feels very connected to the community of San Clemente where her nieces live and attend school.

Other Organization Involved in Reducing Substance Use – Alejandra Vaca, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Orange. Alejandra is a health educator who is charged with youth substance use prevention in South Orange County. Her passion is providing meaningful opportunities for youth development and positive peer development. Alejandra coordinates the PhotoVoice project with middle school and high school age youth, and acts as a mentor for students involved in the Wellness and Prevention Coalition in San Clemente

The Wellness & Prevention Coalition has a strong youth (SCShift) presence in all aspects of our strategic plan. To encourage involvement Coalition Leadership and Coalition partners include youth in focus groups, prevention education planning and trainings. Five of our youth leaders have attended CADCA National Youth Leadership Initiative trainings and two of them have completed an advanced training in advocacy in Washington DC this past February. By empowering our youth leaders to engage in creating their own Strategic Planning Framework and including this planning in our logic model, we hope to keep them involved in the process and encouraged to continue this work in college and possibly as adults.

The SCSHift members recruit classmates to contribute in assessments, participate in activities in San Clemente (including environmental surveys, attempted buys, and presentation to city officials), and to follow social media campaigns designed by the youth. The Wellness & Prevention Coalition has chosen to use peer influence to encourage healthy behaviors.

The Wellness & Prevention Coalition has been actively recruiting members for over 4 years, with a focus on providing meaningful training and opportunity for all members to make meaningful contributions. Skill development and the opportunity to use theses kills is our main strategy for retaining our members. Throughout the growth of our coalition, our leadership has learned that when community members come to our meetings they want to be a part of the solutions.

The Wellness and Prevention Center is making a difference in the lives of San Clemente residents. Since the Coalition beg youth substance abuse, parental and community awareness has increased in the community and Orange County.  Two events, “Get to 21 –Secrets to the Teen Brain” , and “Weeding Through the Myths” – a panel of experts presenting on the dangers of marijuana to the teen brain, were well received by the community.  Lock up Your Meds campaign materials were distributed to all 3,000 San Clemente High School students in their registration packets and materials were distributed to 30 medical and dental professionals in the city. …………  The SC Times has been very supportive of the Coalition printing free announcements of events and a monthly column called Wellness and Prevention by Susan Parmelee, Executive Direction of the WPCC.  The City of San Clemente has funded the Center for the last 2 years as well as grants from the Orange County Community Foundation, Kaiser Family Foundation, St.Joseph’s Health Foundation and Mission Hospital Foundation.

The Coalition was mentored by the Orange County Nation Coalition of Alcoholism and Drug Dependance (NCADD) from 2014 -2016.  This mentoring provided us with the expertise to expand educational awareness of the issues and develop the strategies to recruit and retain coalition members, and to develop the organizational structure and operations of the coalition.   Susan describe 1B of Narrative -the organizational structure of the coalition, decision making processes and 1-C –D and E.