The Wellness & Prevention Center. San Clemente

MISSION: Empower the community of San Clemente to help youth lead healthy and productive lives – free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

A group of dedicated community members formed the Wellness & Prevention Center to educate the community, bring more services to our youth and family and provide healthy activities to keep our community safe. The Wellness & Prevention Center. San Clemente provides school based therapeutic services that address the social and emotional needs of our youth.

The Center provides a safe place for students to discuss stressors and conflict while working on positive solutions. School wide programming and individual services are designed to encourage healthy coping mechanisms for the overwhelming demands on our local youth while promoting evidence based prevention models. Research has shown that the majority of our adolescent’s social and emotional learning takes place at school and that a mental health professional on campus greatly helps these students thrive.

The Wellness & Prevention Center is the lead agency for the Wellness & Prevention Coalition. The Coalition uses long-term strategic planning to implement community wide prevention interventions designed to rescue youth substance use, build developmental assets and strengthen families.

The Wellness & Prevention Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Organization Tax Id 47-2443093

Download Year End Reports below:

Annual Report 2014-2015
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2016-2017

Services Provided in Middle and High Schools
through the Wellness & Prevention Center

  • Targeted and individual interventions and counseling
  • Group classroom setting interventions and education
  • Sponsor parent support group
  • Resource referrals
  • The Parent Pledge Campaign
  • SOS Club campus advisor

Services Provided through the
Wellness & Prevention 

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Monthly newspaper column
  • Education events
  • Monthly meetings
  • Resource sharing with all schools in San Clemente
  • Collaboration with other agencies

Goals and Strategies

Strategy: Increase student’s ability to be productive at school; strengthen student’s connections to their school, family, peers and community.

Strategy: Increase awareness of mental health issues, substance abuse and the connection between mental health and drug use.

Strategy: Collaborate with local resources, experts and health care providers.

Strategy: Increase community youth activities and youth leadership opportunities; increase early intervention and prevention of substance use; increase mental health intervention.

Strategy: Increase understanding and empathy of mental health issues and the disease of drug addiction.