The Wellness & Prevention Center launched a Lock Up Your Meds Campaign in January 2014.

The campaign’s goal is to create awareness in the San Clemente community that prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing epidemic in the United States. South Orange County has seen a dramatic increase in the illegal use of prescription drugs by high school and middle school students.

There are 5 parts to the campaign:

  1. Flyers: Lock Up Your Meds flyers in all school registration packets.
  2. PSA: Public service announcements in the San Clemente Times.
  3. Doctor Educational Packets: Lock Up Your Meds educational packets delivered to all doctor office’s in San Clemente. Packets provide the video “Do No Harm”, which speaks to the dangers of over prescribing patients with pain medications
  4. Posters: Lock Up Your Meds posters displayed at locally owned pharmacies.
  5. Advertisements: Ad in San Clemente Times recognizing local doctor’s who are committed to ending the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Download the Lock Up Your Meds Tool Kit which includes: flyers, advertisements, poster.

Lock Up Your Meds Tool Kit

Watch Do No Harm Video

Drug Safe Awareness Flyer.indd