Why you should take the pledge.

The middle and high school years are a time of great change in a student’s development. Our children mature during these years; learning and experimenting. They are faced with choices that are difficult.

Social gatherings by students outside the school can often be unsupervised. Unsupervised social gatherings may result in situations where our children make poor choices. In an attempt to greatly reduce the circumstances whereby children are placed under extreme peer pressure to experiment with risky behavior including drugs, alcohol, dangerous driving and sexual activity, San Clemente High School will begin compiling a list in 2015 of parents/guardians who have signed The Parent Pledge to:

  • actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in their home or on their property, or ask another responsible adult for help to do so.
  • not allow the possession or use of alcohol, marijuana, other drugs, or violence by youth in our home or on our property.
  • set expectations for my/our child(ren) that I/we know where they are going, whom they are with, who is driving, what their plans are, and when they are to return home.

The statements set forth the basic responsibilities of parents/guardians who either host a social event or allow their child to attend such an event. When your child is invited to an event at the home of another child, we suggest that once the list is compiled you check the listing. If the parent/guardian has not signed the statement assuring other parents/guardians that parental supervision will accompany the gathering, it would be appropriate to contact the host parent/guardian to verify the status of the event. We suggest that should supervision not be provided, you consider not allowing your child to attend. Although parenting can be difficult, our responsibilities include supervision.

By communicating with each other, we can reduce peer pressure on our children, thereby limiting the circumstance sphere they will feel pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol. SCHS hopes this statement reflects the common sense that all of us would use.

Let’s send a clear message to all our youth that there will be NO underage use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs in their community.

Please be one of the first to visit The Parent Pledge page online form or you may return a signed paper version to:

Susan Parmelee
Wellness & Prevention Center.
San Clemente
email: sparmelee1@gmail.com
tel: 949-680-0516