Develop Healthy Habits Now

Fitness and nutrition are the cornerstones of teen health. The habits your child develops to promote health might last a lifetime.

If your child is physically active, encourage him or her to keep it up. If your child isn’t interested in organized sports, suggest other alternatives. You can also promote teen health by encouraging your child to eat healthy foods. Offer various healthy foods at home, talk about portion control, and encourage your child to make good choices when he or she eats with friends. After all, what happens away from home has a direct impact on tween and teen health.

Share any concerns you might have about teen health with your child’s doctor.

Top 11 healthy habits to discuss with your teen.

No Cigs or eCigs

Avoid using any type of tobacco or vapor product. Try not to breathe second hand smoke.

Wear a Seat Belt

Always wear a seat belt and insist that others in the car do the same.

Never Swim Alone

When swimming in a pool or in the ocean always bring a friend.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Have regular physicals and check ups.

Eat Healthy

Eat a healthy diet. Stay away from process foods. Lots of veggies and fruits.

No Drugs, No Alcohol

No drugs, no alcohol and don’t take prescription drugs lightly.


Get regular exercise. Keep moving throughout the day and find activities they love.

Don′t Drink and Drive

Don’t get into a car with a driver who has been drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Talk to Someone

Talk to your parents, doctor, teacher or the Wellness & Prevention Center if you’re feeling sad or thinking about harming yourself.

Always Know When its Time to Go Home.

Avoid situations where violence or substance use may cause injury.

Protect Your Brain

Wear protective headgear, such as motorcycle or bike helmets, when participating in sports.